Tennessee Titans 7-round 2020 NFL Mock Draft ignoring the Jadeveon Clowney noise

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(Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)

Have the Tennessee Titans placed a higher priority on the 2020 NFL Draft than they have on free agency?

Today, I decided to get off of the “Jadeveon Clowney to the Tennessee Titans” rumorous roller-coaster and turn my attention towards the 2020 NFL Draft. It’s not hard for me — it never is, the draft is what I consider my second birthday.

So, after watching a ton of tape during quarantine, I headed over to The Draft Network to do some mock-drafting. I intended to do multiple — until I found one impressive enough to post — and pass the time daydreaming scenarios that involved ingenious draft picks, and a Derrick Henry extension.

Instead, I did one mock-draft and struck gold.

For this exercise, I drafted based on need and value. As if I were somehow, in my wildest dreams, thrust into GM Jon Robinson’s shoes and had to make these critical decisions.

SPOILER ALERT: no edge-rusher was drafted in this mock — it’s just how the board fell. And, here I thought I could avoid thinking of Jadeveon.

At the end of the article, I will embed a tweet with a picture proving this is how the draft unfolded. Or, if you’d like to see the mock in its entirety, you can click the link here.

The rules were simple, I drafted on behalf of the Tennessee Titans organization, and the computer mocked for the remaining 31 NFL franchises. Had the draft started in some unbelievable fashion, I would have restarted and scratched that version.

There are a few stretches here and there, but one thing we know about humans is that they err consistently. Let’s hope that I did not.

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