Tennessee Titans 2020 NFL Mock Draft: Massive trade with Miami Dolphins

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 (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)

Round 2, pick 39: Josh Jones OT, Houston

Josh Jones is interesting because he looks really good on tape and while his testing wasn’t great, there was nothing too concerning about it. At 6’5 320 lb. you are getting a guy with a wide frame and is already moving like you want him to on tape.

The issue is, at Houston they really played Oklahoma and that is about it. No other real pass rushers to threaten him and force him to prove that he could win on an island against the best, and that is a problem with projecting a guy without phenomenal numbers.

I think most years he would be a 1st round pick because of the scarcity of tackles and his experience, but a high second round choice feels like the right price tag for him.

Luckily there is no guilt here since the Titans have the extra draft picks from the trade out of the first round.

So, instead of taking value over need in the first round you get a solid combination of both here.

Short term I don’t know if he is a starter but if he blows you away in camp then absolute start him and let Dennis Kelly live his best life on his new contract. It isn’t like the Titans gave Kelly such a huge deal that they have to play him or else they look dumb, he is still making below starter money.

However, if it is even or if Kelly is ahead you don’t look bad stocking up on offensive tackles and you get someone who should be able to plug and play if there is an injury or a suspension at tackle.

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