5 players the Tennessee Titans should steal from the XFL

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(Photo by Andrew Hancock/XFL via Getty Images)

Exploring another avenue to add talent to the Tennessee Titans roster.

Good NFL GMs leave no stone unturned when looking for talent, so you can bet that Tennessee Titans GM Jon Robinson has already looked at the XFL and scoured it for any talent.

If this sounds like reaching, look no further than the Carolina Panthers who have already started off the XFL signings by adding P.J. Walker to the roster.

The weird thing about that is that the Panthers weren’t doing it to fill out roster spots, they currently have five QBs already under contract for 2020. So even after the inevitable Cam Newton trade or release, Carolina still has one to many QBs, at least.

With legitimate talent in the XFL, it is a shame that we didn’t get to see the season finish. However, I think we all got to see enough to know who the true standouts were and which players had the best chance of making it to the NFL if they were given a chance.

After combing the stat leaders and using what knowledge I had about the XFL, there are six players that seem like smart additions to me. So, I decided to do a quick breakdown on them just in case the Titans made a move.

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