Tennessee Titans draft study: PFF ranks position groups that deserve 1st round picks

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Offensive tackle

Every day that the Tennessee Titans don’t figure out a deal for either Derrick Henry or Ryan Tannehill, is another day that I worry about the Titans ability to keep Jack Conklin.

With the market shaping up for a bidding war for Conklin, it seems like a franchise tag is the only thing that can keep him in the building. Even then I think there is a chance that hold out could happen if a long term deal isn’t reached and Conklin could be traded during the preseason.

So, either way I think there is a ~75% chance that the Titans are going to have to take an offensive tackle in this draft with the assumption that they are going to have to start at some point in the next 13 months.

What is that going to cost?

Findings in my own words: 1st round or (nearly) bust

As you would expect, finding an offensive tackle is as hard as you think it is. Again, this is why it makes sense to keep Jack Conklin if at all possible.

Basically, the data says that if you need a good offensive tackle you are going to have to take him high because the chances are low of finding an offensive tackle who won’t get smoked by NFL pass rushers outside of the first round.

I’m sure I don’t need to say it, but there is no more “he is just a right tackle” because tackles have to be able to block EDGEs who can move and play on either the right or the left now.

So, if the Titans don’t keep Conklin then I would start to pencil in offensive tackle as a leader for the position Tennessee is most likely to take in the first round.