Tennessee Titans draft study: PFF ranks position groups that deserve 1st round picks

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What you need to know first

I’ll start ranking the positions after this, but I wanted to say that this data is filtered through PFF data so there is going to be some push back. A lot of that comes from the fact that people disagree with that data often.

However, there really isn’t a great standard to go by if you are trying to quantify how good a player is.

Madden can barely remember what people look like when they are creating them and the Pro Bowl voting is an absolute joke comprised of people who range from rabid fans trying to get their players in to people who haven’t watched a single game outside of the 16 that their team has been in.

So, even if you dispute the rankings in general this is information that you need to absorb because it is really well executed and the data does seem to match up with common sense.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s look at the positions.