Tennessee Titans draft study: PFF ranks position groups that deserve 1st round picks

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So what does it all mean?!

If you read all of that information then know that I am very impressed. But, if you skipped straight to the end, that is fine too even though I encourage you to go back and read why I say what I am about to say.

Based on all the data, if I was going into this draft class without watching a single player then this would be my gameplan.

Round 1 options (in order): CB, OT, EDGE

Round 2 options: WR, pass rushing DT, EDGE

Round 3 options: pass rushing DT, WR, EDGE

Day 3 options: iOL, RB, off ball LB

Using that data, I would suggest that the Titans go hard after any CB they like in free agency because if not, they are almost going to be forced to go after one in the first round if they want their best odds at getting any value for their pick.

They also need to do their best to keep Jack Conklin with the team because OT doesn’t become a viable value pick again until Day 3 and like any Day 3 pick, those odds aren’t great if you need a starter to play immediately.

If they could do that, then the path becomes pretty easy in theory. They could draft (in order): EDGE, WR, DT, iOL, RB, LB, backup QB, and kicker.

I will try to do a whole offseason plan based on those suggestions, but as for right now I am going to re-read this and try to figure out if this strategy makes sense with the current crop of FAs and draft prospects.