Tennessee Titans draft study: PFF ranks position groups that deserve 1st round picks

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This shouldn’t be a hot take or anything, but there is no other position on the roster that is as loaded with talent as safety. The Titans have done a fantastic job building this into one of the best, if not THE best safety groups in the NFL.

Want a superstar? You got it with Kevin Byard. How about someone who is scrappy in the box, but who isn’t limited to “just” that? There is Kenny Vaccaro. Even looking at depth, the Titans have a special teamer with outstanding athleticism and then a versatile chess piece who can do a little bit of everything with Dane Cruikshank and Amani Hooker respectively.

So, while safety isn’t a need there is always a chance that Robinson will spend a pick on one somewhere just to add athleticism and keep strengths strong.

Findings in my own words: The ultimate safety net, no pun intended

The data shows pretty much exactly what you would expect from every position group if you went into this blind. Sure, elite talent is going to go at the top of the draft frequently, but you also have good players on Day 2 and then solid players on Day 3.

There is no mystery or no real “sweet spot” here, you get what you pay for. I will say that it feels like one of those positions like running back or tight end where you draft a safety whenever there is no one better on the board.

That sounds like a slight, but it is more like a good general rule.