Tennessee Titans draft study: PFF ranks position groups that deserve 1st round picks

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Titans CB, Adoree' Jackson.
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The Tennessee Titans need to find some cornerbacks in this draft, and the only way that changes is if they keep Logan Ryan somehow. Even then, all that would only change in that statement s that cornerbacks would go from plural to singular.

With nearly every cornerback on the roster set to hit free agency, the Titans will be leaning heavily on this draft to find a cornerback whether that means a backup or a starter.

Findings in my own words: 1st round or bust

This is a pretty brutal situation for the Titans because the data suggests that other than quarterback, cornerback is the position where it is hardest to find quality players after round one.

I like this group of cornerbacks, but that really has nothing to do with what history has shown over more than a decade of data.

In fact, it might be such a rough situation for the Titans at cornerback that the best strategy turns into:

-Keep Ryan Tannehill on a 4+ year deal

-Franchise Jack Conklin

-Try to work out a long term deal with Henry, but you can’t spend too much.

-Draft a CB in round 1

-Either draft a CB in round 3 or re-sign Logan Ryan.

That would be much different than what we have all assumed would happen, but if the positional value of CB and OT is so high and RB is so low, that might be the only moves that make sense even though EDGE is still left unaddressed through FA and the first round.