Tennessee Titans draft study: PFF ranks position groups that deserve 1st round picks

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What did PFF just teach Tennessee Titans fans about the NFL Draft?

I think PFF may have just posted their most interesting and important draft study, and it is something that Tennessee Titans fans need to go and read ASAP.

What I am going to try to do is condense that data down into digestible nuggets of information that we can all refer to quickly when we need to, but it is very important that you go back and read this article by…a cow that works at PFF?

Sorry, the Twitter name threw me. It is actually written by Timo Riske.

In the article, Riske takes the last 13 years of analytics and goes in depth to find the drop off by position based on whether a player/position was drafted in:

-Top of the 1st round (somewhere between top-3 and top-10

-All entire 2nd round

-Entire 3rd round

-The 4th round

What I took away from this article is that there are certain position groups where it is imperative that you spend a high pick on that position if you want a starter quality or better player.

This gives fans a great idea of how to rank positional value with quantitative data backing you up.

I am about to go pretty in depth about what the Titans need at each position and what the draft says about then position as a whole and when you should draft them.

If you want to skip that analysis and just get the order in which the data says that it makes the most sense to draft them (in my opinion) skip to the end where I break down the top options round by round and give my idea on what the tentative plan should be heading into free agency.