Combine snubs the Tennessee Titans could target in the 2020 NFL Draft

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Edge Rusher & Defensive Line

The pass rush is probably the biggest need for the team before free agency, and I imagine it will stay the biggest need regardless of the rest of the offseason leading up to the draft. In addition, run stopper Austin Johnson may leave in free agency, so the interior of the line may need more depth.

Calvin Taylor, Jr., DT, Kentucky

Taylor is mainly a defensive tackle but was used on the edge some in 2019 as well. His main weakness is that he only really has a bull move, and not much else. I wouldn’t expect too much more from a defensive tackle, especially considering his bull rush is pretty effective, but if the Titans were to move him around the line, I’d like to see another move and a counter added to his repertoire.

Bravvion Roy, DT, Baylor

Roy suffers from some of the same weaknesses as Calvin Taylor, but his strong feet and speed make up for it. He shows the strength to move both a center and a guard out of the way, and he has good motor. His snap release is also solid, and he shows good pursuit as well. He plays in a way that reminds me a lot of DaQuan Jones, which may limit him to run situations, but he definitely holds his own in pass rush.

Christian Rector, EDGE, USC

Rector is probably the most inconsistent rusher in this list, as some plays he shows good vision and finds his way to the quarterback, but on others he seems slow to get off the ball and that hurts his ability to power past offensive linemen. His motor is low too often for my tastes, but the potential is definitely there if the Titans were to use him in a Derick Roberson-esque role.

Tyler Clark, DE/DT, Georgia

Clark is the type of player that would best replace Austin Johnson, as you can move him to any spot on the line, and see results. He’s got good play recognition and ball awareness, with multiple effective moves as well. Some players just seem to have a nose for the football, and it’s not too usual to find those on the defensive line just due to the offensive line limiting their movement, but Clark looks to be one of those players.

Bryce Huff, EDGE, Memphis

Huff played mostly on the edge but was also dropped into coverage a good deal, and played pretty well. In the pass rush, he shows a good slap move, and a good ability to fight around blocks to find the football. He also has an effective power move, as well as a good motor and speed.