Pre-combine look at 6 QBs Titans should target on each day of NFL Draft

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Tennessee Titans, Mason Fine
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Day Three: Mason Fine (North Texas)

Mason Fine is not going to receive national recognition like the other quarterbacks in this draft class, but the North Texas product can sling the ball with the best of them. At 5-foot-11, 190 pounds, Fine is one of the smallest quarterbacks in physical stature, which could be problematic seeing over NFL offensive linemen.

He passed for over 12,500 yards during his four years on campus, including a career-high 4,052 yards as a sophomore. Last year, Fine passed for 3,088 yards with 29 touchdowns and nine interceptions in 12 games, while completing his passes at a 62.1-percent clip.

Fine has drawn comparisons to Russell Wilson, likely because of his size, and primarily played in an RPO-style offense. He has the propensity to throw the ball off his back foot and underthrow his receiver, so he projects as more of an undrafted free agent project.

However, he does do a terrific job of standing tall in the pocket even under extreme duress. Fine has shown the ability to scramble to preserve the play and keeps his eyes downfield. He doesn’t have the arm strength that Eason or Herbert does and got away with a lot of ill-placed balls that will likely be intercepted in the NFL.