EDGEs Tennessee Titans could sign during NFL Free Agency

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Which free agents fit the Tennessee Titans major need at EDGE?

It does not take an expert to see that the Tennessee Titans need some help getting to the quarterback.

After finishing 13th in total sacks during the regular season, they followed that up by having fewer sacks than the Seattle Seahawks and Buffalo Bills during the postseason. Which wouldn’t be so bad except that the Titans played three games while the Bills and Seahawks only played one each.

They struggled to get pressure on anybody without bringing a 5th or 6th defender. This especially showed in the AFC Championship game when the Titans tallied only two sacks against an offensive line that was ranked 16th at the end of the regular season by PFF.

Although the Tennessee defensive line needs help fast, it may not be as hard to find as it seems. There are plenty of talented edge rushers that will be hitting the open market this offseason and if the Titans could get their hands on a premiere pass-rusher, along with some smart moves in the draft, the Titans could finish as one of the top defenses of 2020.

Some of these linemen/edge-rushers played a major factor in some of the defenses that ranked top five in sacks and defensive points. You can break these linemen into three tiers: Players that would a Homerun, Players the Titans should realistically pursue, and guys they should go after as a backup plan. Any one of these players would be a great addition to a Titans defense that severely needs it.

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