Frank Clark’s comments should thrill Tennessee Titans fans

The Tennessee Titans just got some extra bulletin board material.

Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry is on an historic string of dominant performances. Frank Clark isn’t impressed…but that is bad news for Kansas City Chiefs fans.

I’ll let Clark’s comments speak for themselves first:

Mark Twain is given credit for the quote, “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.” Well, Frank there isn’t a doubt in the world about you right now.

There is a difference in being confident that your defense is filled with good tacklers and ignoring video evidence that you are wrong.

Look at any metric or stat you want and it will show you that Derrick Henry is very rarely tackled in one-on-one situations. On those few occasions, the bulk of them come from a DB taking a great angle on an explosive run and managing to bring him down from behind if they survive the stiff arm.

As for running hard, Clark is calling his own teammate a liar. Tyrann Mathieu described Derrick Henry’s running style early this week, saying that he was afraid that he had broken his jaw because when he hit Henry it was like “hitting solid rock” trying to make that tackle.

With the game just a day away, Clark gave the Titans even more reason to run the ball well against the Chiefs defense. Speaking of that defense, we should talk a little bit about why they should be terrified on Sunday.

First, Derrick Henry is lethal in cold weather games over the last two years. Just look at his stats in December and January over that time:

In 11 games: 141 rushing yards per game, 1.36 rushing TDs per game

To give you some context on just how impressive that is, over a 16 game season projection that comes out to 2,256 rushing yards and 22 TDs.

Not only is he great in winter games, but the Chiefs are bad on defense. This year they were the worst defense in the NFL against the run, allowing more successful rushing plays than any other team.

So you have cold weather, the best running back in football and the worst rushing defense in football squaring off against each other tomorrow. What Clark should be doing is faking flu symptoms so that when he inevitably misses a tackle on Henry on Sunday, he has an excuse to give the media on Monday.