Will the Titans make the playoffs?


The Tennessee Titans have caught fire since Ryan Tannehill took over as starting quarterback. Does this mean the Titans will make the playoffs this season?

Since Ryan Tannehill has taken over the starting quarterback position with the Tennessee Titans, they have gone an impressive 5-1. The Titans are now 7-5 after their latest win over the division rival Indianapolis Colts. With two games left against the Houston Texans in the division, can Tennessee win the AFC South or make the AFC playoffs as a Wild Card team?

On this week’s episode of Stacking the Box, FanSided‘s Matt Verderame and Mark Carman, along with former NFL offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz, look at the Titans’ final four games, two of which will be against Houston, and decide if it will be playoff season in The Music City (39:00).

“It’s not because they’re not good enough to make the playoffs, it’s because their schedule is absolutely brutal,” said Verderame. “They have the Texans twice, they have the Saints. [It’s] not going to be easy sledding for them to get into the dance. If you look at the AFC, the only way they’re going to beat out Houston is if they sweep them.”

“I think I’m [they’re] out because how long do you trust this Ryan Tannehill thing?” said Schwartz. “I mean, that to me is a big issue. I just don’t really trust him in this spot. So I like the Texans to win. Plus, they’ve got those two games together, so give me the Texans.”

Verderame does bring up a great point in that the Titans have three really hard games left to end the season. Frankly, their easiest game the rest of the way will be on the road this weekend vs. an Oakland Raiders team that has no other choice but to win if they want to stay alive in the AFC playoff race. In short, this game vs. the Raiders is a must-win for the Titans if they want in.

Assuming the Titans don’t get it done vs. the Saints, a season split with Houston would get Tennessee to 9-7. That might be good enough to get them the No. 6 seed, as they won’t catch the Buffalo Bills for the No. 5 seed. After that, it comes down to tie-breaking procedures against another team in the mix for it like the Pittsburgh Steelers. Tennessee is alive in the AFC for now.

Here are a few other topics discussed on this week’s episode of Stacking the Box:

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All this and more!

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