3 things we learned when Tennessee Titans called up Jeffery Simmons

Tennessee Titans (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)
Tennessee Titans (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images) /
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Tennessee Titans GM, Jon Robinson.
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What the Tennessee Titans told us today.

First thing is first, it is going to be really exciting to be able to track the progress of a top-10 talent in Tennessee Titans rookie Jeffery Simmons.

But, the moves that the Titans made today told me a lot more than just “we are excited to see Jeffery Simmons play.”

In case you didn’t see all the moves, Rhett Bryan had a nice tweet to kind of wrap it all up into a concise breakdown.

In the middle of the season (or near the middle of the season to be more accurate) there is only so much “new” that you can learn about an NFL team. The starters are pretty much set, you know the tendencies of coaches on both sides of the ball, and you have a solid feel for the highs and lows of all the rookies and free agents.

So what does a few moves on the DL tell us?