5 Tennessee Titans stats that may be hard to believe

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Titans RB, Derrick Henry.

(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)

How are the Tennessee Titans not better?

The Tennessee Titans undoubtedly should be better than where they are right now at 2-3.

With competent kicking alone the team would be 4-1 and wouldn’t have had to suffer either embarrassing home loss.

However, despite the disappointing start to the season I want to take a look at the players who are doing well. We can all point to who is struggling and who needs to improve, but there are some definite bright spots on this roster.

Without trying to make things look like they are all sunshine and rainbows, I wanted to magnify some of the standouts who aren’t getting the recognition they deserves nationally or even by the Titans fan base.

I understand that recognition comes from winning and this isn’t a “respect the Titans” post, but if you/we are going to talk about the Tennessee Titans then it is important to know what you are talking about first before you say something wrong.

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