An injured Andrew Luck could be huge for Tennessee Titans

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What is he dealing with now?

Back to present day, Andrew Luck is struggling with a calf/bone injury that could force him to miss regular season time. This is huge because you may remember that Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts are scheduled to play the Tennessee Titans in Week 2 of the season.

More on that in a second, but let’s talk about what Luck is dealing with:

That tweet came out a week ago and here is what it really tells you:

-Colts found a calf strain in March, which was so bad that they thought it could explaining all of his pain and other issues.

-They tried to treat the calf again two months later because Luck was still hurting, and they found out that almost none of his pain was coming from his calf.

-For some reason they just declined to treat anything other than the calf?

-So 150+ days after the initial injury report from Luck, the Colts finally decided to look and see if there was anything else wrong.

Now we really have no idea what injury Andrew Luck has. I mean, we know that he definitely had a calf injury and that there definitely is more wrong with him.

Is the calf healthy again? How is his ankle? Are the Colts just resting him to get him healthy for the preseason or is he actually injured and he still hasn’t been able to really practice?

These are serious questions that muddle any kind of idea of what he can do right now.

So what did we learn: Andrew Luck definitely has a calf injury that hasn’t healed, but he also has a mystery injury that looks like it went untreated for 150+ days and was just diagnosed about 10 days ago.