Tennessee Titans: Taylor Lewan reacts to manufactured QB controversy

NEW ORLEANS, LA - NOVEMBER 8: Marcus Mariota
NEW ORLEANS, LA - NOVEMBER 8: Marcus Mariota /

Tennessee Titans left tackle, Taylor Lewan, reacted to the manufactured quarterback controversy in Nashville.

Tennessee Titans left tackle, Taylor Lewan, was asked what he thought about the manufactured quarterback controversy in Nashville, and understandably he didn’t know it even existed.

That’s because it doesn’t exist in reality, but rather only in the minds of national media people who are looking to stir the pot for attention.

Nevertheless, Lewan was asked what his thoughts were on the matter, and his response was quite predictable.

Not that he needed to, but Lewan threw his support behind Mariota.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, the media is bored without a significant quarterback controversy to talk about throughout the league, thus they’re literally making one up in Tennessee.

After one preseason game in which Mariota played one series and Tannehill looked good during nearly an entire half against backups, media types like ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky and NBC Sports’ Chris Simms — to name a few — are trying to make the case that Tannehill should start.

If one preseason game with a small sample size and little context is enough to make such a determination, then third-string quarterback, Logan Woodside, is the best quarterback on the team.

Never mind the fact that Titans head coach, Mike Vrabel, and general manager, Jon Robinson, have both said Mariota will be the starter in 2019.

Never let facts get in the way of a good, juicy narrative, and clearly Simms, Orlovsky, and others, subscribe to that. I’m sure they won’t ignore the fact that Mariota has thoroughly outplayed Tannehill in both joint practices with the New England Patriots in the last two days.

The idea that there’s a quarterback controversy in Tennessee is phony, and there’s a mountain of evidence to prove this is the case.

Perhaps these “experts” would know that if they actually spent a minute paying attention to the Titans, instead of just throwing you know what against the wall to see if it will stick.