Five final thoughts on the Tennessee Titans defense before camp

NASHVILLE, TN - NOVEMBER 12: Linebacker Jayon Brown
NASHVILLE, TN - NOVEMBER 12: Linebacker Jayon Brown /
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4. Kevin Byard is the most underrated elite player in the NFL

How is it possible that Kevin Byard isn’t talked about more? Even if you don’t watch Tennessee Titans games you should know who he is on stats alone.

I can’t overstate his importance to the Titans, but let me try.

He is the league’s leader in interceptions over the last two years, so right off the bat he makes a bigger impact on a defense than any other defensive back in the NFL.

You want to talk about striking fear in the heart of a quarterback, how about throwing vs a rangy safety that has had nearly 5 interceptions per year since he was 19 years old playing at MTSU.

Oh, and you know what else is scary? When you see #31 in the box and know that he could be coming after your quarterback (two sacks last year) or your running back, but he is coming with bad intentions.

He is simultaneously the league’s best strong safety and free safety, and it is alright if you disagree because you are allowed to be wrong, it is a free country.

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However, if you want to be a truly educated football fan go back and watch Byard and count on one hand how many times he is wrong or how many games where he doesn’t make an impact player or a touchdown stopping tackle/PBU.

You can’t limit Byard to a safety stereotype, he is too good at too many things and he is selfless enough to play special teams and thrive there too. He is the heartbeat of the defense and he is one of the best impact players in the NFL.

All of those things are exactly why when the Tennessee Titans make him the highest paid safety in the league, you should rejoice and not worry a single bit what the figure looks like.

Not only will worse safeties get paid more in free agency, but the job of a GM is to find and keep great players. Jon Robinson did that in his first draft with Byard and continued to do it until he built the roster fans see today.

TL;DR: Kevin Byard is your favorite safety’s favorite safety and he does everything at an exceptional level. Don’t be surprised when he is extended, be excited that he will keep wearing two-toned blue.