Tennessee Titans players disrespected by Madden 20

NEW ORLEANS, LA - NOVEMBER 8: Marcus Mariota
NEW ORLEANS, LA - NOVEMBER 8: Marcus Mariota /
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Who else got disrespected?

Look, I am sure you are as frustrated and angry as I am after reading that list so I am not going to draw this out. Here are the other ratings that stood out as very disrespectful with their position rank beside the grade.

Corey Davis: 82 (38th)

Adoree Jackson: 83 (28th)

Logan Ryan: 82 (33rd)

Jayon Brown: 75 (28th)

Brett Kern: 77 (12th)

At a certain point it isn’t stupidity or ignorance, it is negligence and incompetence. Titans fans should feel disrespected by this nearly as much as the players. How many other fan bases would EA just assume they could ignore and make up grades for without any sort of backlash or repercussion.

No one is going to be happy with their teams grades completely, but there is a difference in being upset that your team isn’t the highest and being upset that your team is glossed over. Everyone who considers themselves a fan should view this as the latter slight.