Tennessee Titans players disrespected by Madden 20

NEW ORLEANS, LA - NOVEMBER 8: Marcus Mariota
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Taylor Lewan: 81

This one feels dirty just to write. Can you imagine watching football in the year 2019 and thinking that Taylor Lewan wasn’t one of the best five tackles in the NFL?

I’m not picking at Andrew Whitworth, Trent Williams or David Bakhtiari, but if you think Taylor Lewan isn’t better than the rest of the names on that list you haven’t been paying attention.

I guess the strangest thing about this is that Taylor Lewan is beloved by the media and he is one of the highest paid offensive tackles in the NFL. He has been to three straight Pro Bowls and is routinely on that “NFL top-100 players” show.

At what point do you sit down and watch his film before you make up a grade because it is clear that they didn’t do their work on Lewan until they realized they forgot to program the offensive tackles a week before the numbers were due.

The tackle rankings look like someone added all the names from the last few drafts and some pro bowlers and then put it on shuffle and said “good enough” and walked out for a three-day weekend.