Tennessee Titans Taylor Lewan pissed off at Madden 20 rating

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Madden NFL 20 has disrespected Tennessee Titans left tackle Taylor Lewan with a poor rating.

Tennessee Titans left tackle Taylor Lewan was not happy with his Madden NFL 20 rating, and he let the world know just how disrespected he felt.

The ratings for players of all 32 NFL teams were released on Monday, and it’s safe to say that Lewan is pissed of at his 81.

Here’s what Dad had to say about it on Twitter:

Titans safety Kevin Byard, who was also disrespected by a rating of 89 despite being the best player in the game at his position, agrees with Lewan, saying it’s “super disrespectful.”

While Byard didn’t say anything about his own rating being too low, Lewan had no issue speaking up for the safety:

Lewan was rated by Pro Football Focus as the No. 15 overall tackle in the league last season. To take it a step further, the man has proven time and time again that he’s an elite left tackle, and he made his third-straight Pro Bowl in 2018.

At worst he should be in the high 80’s, but a 90 or better is much more suitable to his talent level.

Here’s how Lewan stacks up against other tackles in the game.

This amounts to a digital slap in the face, no more, no less. Titans players being disrespected has become par for the course at this point, so nobody should really be that surprised.

Lewan is no stranger to proving people wrong, and he’s already made FOX Sports radio host Clay Travis look silly five seasons after being drafted. He’ll undoubtedly do the same this season to Madden 20.


The game posts updates pretty regularly, which means Lewan’s overall rating can improve throughout the season. It won’t take Lewan long to bring his rating up once the game realizes that, you know, he’s a sensational left tackle.

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As far as the rest of the Titans go, there was only one player on the roster over a 90, and that was tight end Delanie Walker, who is receiving the utmost respect from Madden 20, coming in at a 92.

But no 90 for Dad? Gimme a break.