Is Tennessee Titans safety Kevin Byard worth his next contract?

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What will a contract look like.

I wrote this nearly a month ago on what a new Kevin Byard deal could and should look like:

"“As most of you know, Tennessee doesn’t have state income tax which huge in this situation. So this is a deal that would actually give the player the same amount of money (give or take a few thousand): $79 million over 6 years, $42 million in guarantees. OR $13.1 million per year with $7 million per year in guarantees.”"

I thought that number might be a little low considering how contracts tend to get more expensive, not cheaper.

However, the logic behind it is really sound considering how much more of that contract Byard will actually get compared to his counterparts thanks to Tennessee’s tax situation.

Making me even more confident is that Travis Haney got nearly the exact same number when he was trying to figure out this contract in the aforementioned article projecting a Kevin Byard deal to “Six years, $78.5 million”.

As for guarantees, Haney said that he could see the guaranteed money being “similar to those deals” referring to Landon Collins and Earl Thomas who got between $7.5 and $8 million respectively.

That would put Byard’s number somewhere between $45-48 million which is slightly higher than my projection.