Tennessee Titans full predictive 2019 NFL Mock Draft

NASHVILLE, TN - DECEMBER 31: Safety Kevin Byard
NASHVILLE, TN - DECEMBER 31: Safety Kevin Byard /
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Round 4, pick 121: Devin Singletary RB, FAU

Alright, now we are entering the part of the draft where everything starts to get crazy. On Day 3 most teams have a much smaller list of players with draftable grades than selections remaining.

The Titans may have 50 players left on their board with more than 100 picks left. So value is much less important here than finding players that you think make your team better even if you have to reach half a round to do it.

Singletary is one of the most intriguing running backs in this class. He runs like a top, spinning around and side winding away from defenders. He isn’t a freak athlete and he is only 5’7 but there is a reason why he had 66 touchdowns in his career.

He is the type of player that almost never goes down on first contact and he is so low to the ground that even if a linebacker knows the hole he is going to, he can never seem to get a good angle on him.

Maybe more importantly than anything else to the Tennessee Titans is that he looks like a perfect fit as a punt returner who can also be a great change of pace back. It sure seems like the Titans will try to keep Derrick Henry if he finally realizes his potential behind this offensive line, but he has always needed a RB2.

Dion Lewis is pretty expensive and will be 29 before the end of the season. This is a move that potentially gives you a return man and a RB2 down the road.