Tennessee Titans: Midseason wish list for the second half

NASHVILLE, TN - DECEMBER 31: Safety Kevin Byard
NASHVILLE, TN - DECEMBER 31: Safety Kevin Byard /

Let’s look at the wish list for the second half of the season for the Tennessee Titans and see what they can do to help themselves out.

After a very disappointing October, the Tennessee Titans hit their disappointing crescendo at the end of October when they did not make one move at the trade deadline. Fans and media alike were very shocked by this, with such names out there like Golden Tate, Demaryius Thomas, Eli Apple, and many more. The Titans haven’t garnered very much needed talent to bolster their team for the second half of the season. With no moves made at the trade deadline, let’s make our wish list for what they can do in the second half of the season to make a playoff push.

1.  Continue to beat AFC South opponents

If we were looking for one bright spot in the first half of the season, it would be that the Titans have been perfect so far against AFC South opponents, and that is great! They need to keep winning in the AFC South to have a chance at a playoff birth. This is something the Titans need to continue doing. because division record is the main tiebreaker in what could be a tight division race.

2.   Pick up Brandon Marshall

This is something that I tweeted about after the news broke that the SEATTLE Seahawks had dropped Brandon Marshall, and other media outlets picked it up and it had a good amount of people talking about it. Let me explain why the Titans should experiment with Marshall. I know that as a receiver Marshall might have seen his best days come and go, but with the Titans’
loss of Delanie Walker, there has been an obvious missing link in the passing game. I think the answer is in Marshall lining up at tight end in various sets. The blocking part of the job would obviously not be there, but let him line up in the slot with linebackers covering him over the middle and now Marcus Mariota has his new favorite target. This is something worth exploring and Marshall has expressed a need to be back on an NFL team again this season.

3.   Get Derrick Henry the ball more

Look, I know this is going to continue to upset people, but DERRICK HENRY NEEDS THE BALL MORE. Okay I feel better, and I hope the Titans finally listen to me. I know people are going to send me the stats from the Los Angeles Chargers game where Dion Lewis had his “breakout” game, but the fact stays the same for me: Henry is the future for the Titans and the future can start as soon as the Titans start handing him the ball more. Averaging 12 carries a game is not going to be enough for Henry; he needs 20-plus and when we see him have those carries, people will start to see the truth. I just hope it happens sooner and not later for the sake of the Titans’ playoff hopes.

There is my wish list. What is your wish list for the Titans in the second half of the season? Let me know on Twitter @ZacheriahW.