The Tennessee Titans are still growing, but in this case off the field

Derrick Henry Tennessee Titans (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
Derrick Henry Tennessee Titans (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images) /

The Tennessee Titans headed into Sunday’s match up begging for national attention. Unfortunately for the Titans, their media game was strong and their preparation not so much.

For the Tennessee Titans, it seemed to be not so much a tough game in Buffalo, but more of a ‘we are here’ game. Unfortunately, the Titans did not rise to the occasion once again, and while many will blame a wide receiver drop late in the game or coaches not doing this or that, this one is on the guys who have been begging for respect since their first win.

Those boys in the two-tone blue are the ones to blame. Not one singular man; the team as a whole under-performed, which sucks for the guys who had great games, but football is a team sport.

That loss stung the entire fan base, the players, and coaching staff that was on a ‘for the boys’ rampage after three straight wins. It is okay to be excited for the winning streak, but like Titans head coach Mike Vrabel said: “You need more from everyone…We didn’t play well enough,.”

That is what Vrabel was hired for. Not only for his coaching potential, but being a former player and knowing when to push guys to get better instead of playing the blame game. Balancing egos and those types of things are why I think the Titans bounce this week against the Baltimore Ravens.

“But the wide receiving core is weak, and Marcus can’t…”

Stop using excuses, Titans fans. Tennessee has dual running backs that should destroy any thought of a defense. We were also talking about the same Titans team that drove down the field numerous times in that second half against the Philadelphia Eagles a week ago. Of course drops are a problem, and that is part of the reason Tennessee fell short Sunday.

That problem has been slightly fixed by GM Jon Robinson, who made another roster change today which leaves the Titans with an extra roster spot open that might possibly be used for another set of hands.

What does that mean? Good question, but something would have surfaced by now if Dez Bryant were in contact with Tennessee. I don’t think Tennessee goes after a big name, or after any if we are being honest. Robinson has been a tough but great GM. I don’t speculate a move to be made prior to the Baltimore game this Sunday, but if Tennessee battles out a victory, Robinson will do what it takes to make Mariota happy and bring in someone positive on and off the field to help this team.

Tennessee doesn’t deserve the respect of a lot of franchises that have been dominant for a while, and after three games to hit the microphones begging for national respect was premature. This loss was needed as a wake-up call, but I think this may be the last loss for a long time if this Titans team pulls it together and treats this as a learning experience.