Tennessee Titans: Free Agency Wish List

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Josh Sitton, OG, Chicago Bears

Josh Sitton is somebody I believe is the perfect match for the Tennessee Titans offensive line. Both starters at the guard position are scheduled to be free agents. While Robinson can decide to bring both back, the team would be better off with starting a top tier talent at one of the positions. Having a player like Josh Kline as a backup would be a solid situation to be in.

With a new-look offense set to take the field in 2018, it’ll be pivotal to supply Marcus Mariota with as good of a supporting cast as possible to smoothen the transition. It’ll be a brand new playbook with brand new terminology and brand new coaches, and having the best players possible to protect your quarterback during this time period can be vital. There’s little to no question that Sitton currently stands as a top tier guard in the NFL and would be a great addition to the offense.

With the new scheme will likely come a very heavy dose of zone-blocking, something that has been a part of OC Matt LaFleur’s previous stops. Sitton is coming off a season where he graded as a top five guard in one of the heaviest zone-blocking schemes in the entire NFL in Chicago.

The video below is a great example of his zone-blocking prowess. Despite being up there in age (31), Sitton has shown the ability to effectively move laterally and finish blocks. The worst thing a lineman can have in this kind of scheme is slow feet, and Sitton shows he’s still quick.

An offensive line consisting of Taylor Lewan, Quinton Spain, Ben Jones, Sitton, and Jack Conklin has the chance to make this unit one of the NFL’s elite. The key to this offense being ready to produce right away will be on the shoulders of the offensive line.

Sitton is coming off of a season where he was playing under a $7 million cap hit for the Chicago Bears. Considering he’s on the wrong side of 30 and may be looking to get back with a potential contender, his price tag may be lowered just enough. $6.5 million a year with a team option to get out after the first year would be ideal.

Potential Contract: 2 Years, $13 Million