Ryan Succop is the Unsung Hero of the Tennessee Titans’ Season

NASHVILLE, TN - OCTOBER 16: Ryan Succop /

Tennessee Titans kicker Ryan Succop has been invaluable in 2017.

Ryan Succop has been in the NFL since 2009, and this has arguably been the best season of his career. It is also safe to say that if not for Succop, the Titans might not be sitting at the top of the the AFC South coming out of the bye week. Sure, there will always be a kicker on the team and he may be just as good, but Succop has been borderline perfect this year; during some games, he’s been the only consistent scoring threat the Titans have.

For instance, against the Cleveland Browns, Succop was the only player on the roster that scored a point. The week before, Succop was responsible for 20 of the Titans’ 36 points against the Indianapolis Colts. That does not even count extra points. To be honest, he is the biggest scoring threat on the Titans roster right now.

By the numbers, Succop has been very solid. According to Pro Football Reference, Succop is 20 of 22 through the first seven games of the season. The kicker only made 22 field goals all of last season. Of course, there may have been less opportunities, but that is still impressive. Also. Succop is perfect on extra points this year. Since the league moved the extra point kick further back, more kickers have had some misses. Luckily, Succop is not having any problem so far this season from that distance. There may have been an analyst that predicted this earlier in the year and he is a really smart guy.

Fantasy Outlook

To go along with his stellar performance on the field, if Succop is your fantasy kicker, you are a happy owner. The fact that the Titans offense has had some struggles in the red zone has really pushed the special teams forward as a unit. This is not a good long term outlook because the Titans need to score touchdowns, but this can work out all right for fantasy owners. The fact that Succop is twi kicks away from matching his made kicks from last year is amazing. He could potentially have a 40 or 50 field goal year if the Titans keep having trouble scoring touchdowns. As a Titans fan, Succop was the best homer pick you could have, brings an excellent pedigree to the position and rarely misses between the posts.