Week 6 Results and Their Effect on the AFC South Playoff Race

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Checking in on the AFC South after Week 6 Results within the division.

As quickly as the Jaguars’ AFC South division lead appeared, it disappeared in Week 6 with three teams now tied at the top with 3-3 records. The Titans and Texans both earned wins in Week 6, but they weren’t exactly statement wins coming against Indianapolis and Cleveland, respectively. The Titans have a 2-1 division record, as opposed to the 1-1 records sported by the Jaguars and the Texans. The Titans needed to improve their record in the division since it kept them at home during the playoffs last year. In Week 6, the Titans seemed to have grown as a team with a win against the Colts. The Titans had lost 11 straight to Indianapolis and it was clearly a mental hurdle that the team could not clear considering the sorry state of the Colts roster in the last few years.

Meanwhile, the Texans defeated a Browns team that had no business winning and may be cleaning house with little improvement on the field despite a bevy of high picks and a new coaching staff.  Deshaun Watson got his opportunity to prove why the Browns were foolish to pass on him twice. The Jaguars couldn’t overcome two special teams touchdowns by the Rams when combined with a dominant running performance from Todd Gurley. The Jaguars may possess one of the league’s best secondaries, but they must improve their run defense in a hurry or that weakness will continue to be exploited by their opponents. Indianapolis continues to underwhelm despite the best efforts of Jacoby Brissett. Andrew Luck suffered yet another setback this week and the Colts playoff aspirations are setback with him.

After six weeks, the standings in the AFC South are as follows.

  1. Titans 3-3
  2. Jaguars 3-3
  3. Texans 3-3
  4. Colts 2-4

Let’s examine the results from Week 6 for each AFC South team and what it means for their playoff hopes.