Important Stats for the Tennessee Titans: Week 2


Some interesting notes on the Tennessee Titans after Week 2.

It is always interesting to take a look at the bigger picture whether it is a win or a loss. Those numbers help give some context to the Tennessee Titans next to the rest of the NFL.

Here are some stats that should interest all Titans fans.

Delanie’s still got it.

Many people knocked the Titans for being so tight end reliant and said they needed help at wide receiver. Well, when the chips are down it is still the faithful tight end Delanie Walker that comes down with the big plays.

Currently Walker is 5th in the NFL among tight ends in passing yards with 137, and he is 2nd among tight ends in receptions resulting in first downs.

Turnover margin

A key to winning in the NFL is good situational football and keeping yourself on the positive end of the turnover margin. Right now the Tennessee Titans stand at +2, which is good enough to be tied for 4th in the NFL.

Back to the basics

The Titans have gotten back to the running game and are now ranked 6th in the NFL in rushing yards.

Even more importantly, the Titans are tied for the lead in rushing TDs thanks to contributions by Marcus Mariota, Derrick Henry, Jalston Fowler, and even Delanie Walker.

The rushing game is back in Tennessee and the Titans offensive line needs to get a lot of praise. They dominated the line of scrimmage yesterday and helped the Titans end the game by bullying the Jaguars.

Shutting down the big money men.

You will hear a lot about how the Tennessee Titans struggled blocking in the first week, which wasn’t completely correct by the way. However, there is no doubt this week that Tennessee’s OL was a dominant force.

Taylor Lewan allowed 0 pressures yesterday and was a force in the run game as well. On top of that, the entire line allowed just one pressure combined between Calais Campbell and Malik Jackson.

That tandem will be making $29.25 million per year according to OTC and again, they were held to just one pressure thanks to the Titans domination on the OL.