Tennessee Titans training camp notes: Day 1


Football is back, what happened on the Tennessee Titans first day of training camp?

It is finally here, new information that we had only speculated on up to this point. The Tennessee Titans are back and there is a lot of great info to break down.

Before we get into what happened at camp, this is just an article breaking down some tweets and comments from those at camp. More detailed articles on some of this stuff may be coming up and if you have anything specific feel free to tweet me here.

Forget what else happens or is said, this is the most important news to come out today from Tennessee Titans camp.

Corey Davis is set to be a huge part of this offense and we will finally get a chance to see him at full strength against NFL DBs. No holdout here.

“The older veterans start” is a theme that I have seen a lot, but I think this is more than that. I think there is a good chance that this is the base package on Day 1.

Adoree Jackson could start off his NFL career by coming off the bench to be a boundary CB and push Logan Ryan inside in nickel situations.

This isn’t a bad thing, it would allow Jackson to play in certain situations and he wouldn’t have a ton on his plate. Also, nickel package is something like 60+% of football now so it isn’t like this is really a demotion or anything.

In addition to this he also will be getting work on special teams, so we will get to see Jackson plenty even if he isn’t a “starter”.

What a beautiful depth chart. That top five is gold, and there are plenty of bench players of note on the 2nd string.

It is important to note that Tim Lelito is playing G and Corey Levin is playing center. I think both have played both positions in their careers and we may see this move around, but Levin has a better chance long term starting at guard in my opinion.

Having said that, being able to play center is his key to making the gameday roster.

So it looks like the starting WRs with Davis not at practice are Rishard Matthews, Eric Decker and Taywan Taylor in the slot. I’ll be curious to see how much we see Decker outside when Davis is practicing.

Man, what a talented group to have when your biggest offseason addition isn’t even on the field and those are your starting three wide receivers.

By all accounts Henry had a great day. Paul Kuharsky said on 104.5 the Zone, that he deliberately wrote down the phrase “gliding” to describe Henry’s running style which is very interesting.

This is exactly what I thought would happen. Dodd stays behind Derrick Morgan in a very specific role that sees him predominantly play with his hand in the ground.

On the other side, Walden rushes behind Brian Orakpo as the standup EDGE playing against left tackles.

Nothing crazy here, just thought it was interesting that they were moving Reed around. Reed has a lot of things that you like in a DB including college production and athleticism, so I would love if he could find a way to end up as a CB/S hybrid that makes the 53-man roster.


I LOVE this. Adoree needs to show everyone (except for me) that he isn’t just a track star and that he can make big plays happen. He and Kevin Byard should be turnover machines for the Tennessee Titans.

Also, I really like that Jayon Brown was right by the play, and I believe it was Tre McBride that fumbled the ball.

In my head that sounds like McBride had an in-breaking route that Jackson let him catch in trail technique. He popped the ball out as McBride was heading to the middle and Brown was there for the turnover.

A local guy making a big play that made those in the crowd audibly cheer.

This is just a sampling of the love for Decker today. Every few tweets from most writers and fans there is just how good he looks.

His body control, hands, athleticism, and connection with Marcus Mariota are all being talked about and he looks like a natural fit.

It is early, but if Mike Mularkey finds a way to feed all those mouths at WR, I would think long and hard about seeing if I could make this Eric Decker thing last longer than a year.

Big play Byard has been all over the field today, this is the second time that he got his hands on the ball today, the first was a deflection. It sounds like he has been flying around doing a more ball hawking and tracking the ball in the air than maybe he did in the past.