Grading the Tennessee Titans offseason

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CHICAGO, IL – NOVEMBER 27: Josh Bellamy
CHICAGO, IL – NOVEMBER 27: Josh Bellamy /

2. Linebacker

What I said:

“Too often the middle of the field was left wide open this year. In the redzone there were game ending catches where the Titans lost because they couldn’t carry a TE up the seam and the ball just sailed over a LB’s head.

The Tennessee Titans also ran a man defense a lot this year which often puts the linebacker in coverage with the tight end/running back. In the NFL now where those players are also used in the passing game often you have to have at least one linebacker who can really cover.”

What Robinson did:

Facing an offseason where he didn’t have a 2nd round pick, this was always going to be an issue for Robinson. Complete linebackers don’t fall to the 3rd round, but you can’t spend a 1st round pick on a linebacker because those players rarely live up to the value of that pick.

So, Robinson did the best thing he could with the situation. He found a linebacker that fits perfectly with Avery Williamson or Wesley Woodyard in nickel formations to be the real coverage linebacker. That player was Jayon Brown.

Now, I am not going to lose my mind over Brown because how often do fifth round picks have a huge impact immediately?

However, Brown was a camp darling and he is really thriving in coverage. If he can do that in the preseason then we will really have something to talk about.

Grade: B-