2017 NFL Draft scouting report: Taco Charlton

A long pass EDGE player in one of the deepest draft classes I can remember at the position.

The Tennessee Titans need a pass rush, and they need to address it in this draft class.

I know that people want to argue that because the Titans have Brian Orkapo and Derrick Morgan, that pass rush can be overlooked but they had every sack from the edge except for one from Kevin Dodd and Aaron Wallace each.

In a division where quarterbacks like Andrew Luck (and to a lesser extent Blake Bortles and Brock Osweiler) are much better with solid protection than they are with pass rushers breathing down their necks.

Maybe Kevin Dodd can salvage his career after a tough first season that culminated in injury. However, even if he can there is no reason to not have another pass rusher on the other side.

The Tennessee Titans have their quarterback, offensive tackles, running backs, and really their starting EDGE players. So, now is the time to really capitalize on their draft position and grab a guy that can really help them no and down the road.

So, let’s look at a player that they could decide is a target in a trade down situation.

Taco Charlton
EDGE, Michigan
6’6 265 lb.
Games Watched: OSU, Rutgers, Penn State, Wisconsin, FSU


-Really long player who is put together well. He fits that prototypical “Bengals” EDGE player mold.

-Despite his size, he has shown the ability to bend around the edge.

-Not a lot of moves, but does well with his bull rush and rip.


-Like I said, doesn’t have a lot of ways he can win.

-Surrounded by a good defense and a great defensive staff.

-If he is on a stunt or if he reads a block wrong he really can’t recover. Lacks that change of direction that separated good EDGE players from the great ones.

-Plays off balance, stumbles some times and it costs him even if he is in the right position.

-I don’t see a huge difference between Charlton and Barnett except he is a little older and much less productive than Barnett. He wins in the same ways that guys like that have always won, and while I respect that it is also not all that uncommon.

As a limited pass rusher he will do some good things, but I am not sure I could bang the table to have him start and play the bulk of the snaps on the outside.

What is he?

-He is an EDGE player who should have a defined role in the NFL as a 4-3 DE who probably needs to play LDE to take advantage of the lesser of the two tackles.

Grade: Mid 2nd round