St. Louis to Tennessee


Over the offseason the St. Louis Rams decided to pack up and head out west to become the LA Rams. This decision ended a 21 year stint in the city which included a super bowl victory.

It left many fans heart broken to see their team leave. On the bright side of things many of the fans have decided to shift their support over to the Tennessee Titans. Jersey, yard signs, and bumper sticker sales for Titan merchandise have spiked in Missouri. Here’s what a few of the fans had to say.

“People can’t say we’re bandwagon fans because we’re taking (the Titans) off a three-win season,” said St. Louis native Matt Wiseman, 34. “We think there’s a lot of potential with these guys and they’re making some moves to improve things. Nashville is an exciting, cool town with friendly people, so hopefully they’ll welcome us with open arms.”

” We had to have a cool city to go to,Nashville obviously is,” said St. Louis native Brian Biederman, 31. “We just had a bachelor party there a couple of months ago or so, and I guess it was probably right around the time that we decided to (support) the Titans.”

After the Rams left, we didn’t really talk football for a while,” said St. Louis native Brad Bernsen, 32. “We were kind of over it. This is probably the first year I didn’t even watch the draft. I didn’t care.”

Bernsen also added he and his group of 20-30 football fans had it narrowed down to four teams before going with the Titans. Those teams included the Kanas City Cheifs, Chicago Bears, and Indianapolis Colts, all of which are within a four or five hour drive from St. Louis.

More good news is team management has also taken notice. The team is looking to broaden its radio show so our new fans can tune in.

After Tommy Bohnert a former St. Louis Rams fan posted a short video to Twitter pledging his loyalty to the Titans Kenneth Adams ( a member of the owners group) sent Tommy an autographed football signed by Brian Orakpo with a note that read “Welcome to the Titan’s family, we cannot wait to see you at Nissan Stadium”.

So what say you? Are you ready to expand the family? I sure am, I can’t blame any of these fans for being upset and I’m happy to have anyone help me support the Tennessee Titans.