Reasons for Hope in the AFC South

Jan 25, 2015; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Locker room exhibit with Tennessee Titans defensive end Jurrell Casey (99), Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck (12), Jacksonville Jaguars defensive tackle Sen
Jan 25, 2015; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Locker room exhibit with Tennessee Titans defensive end Jurrell Casey (99), Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck (12), Jacksonville Jaguars defensive tackle Sen /

After finishing 3-13, and 2-14 the year before and finishing last in the AFC South division it’s hard for a fan to find a reason to have hope. Especially when everyone in your division seems to have gotten better, but the Titans lost some very close games that should have been won if it wasn’t for poor play calling and poor game management. So first let’s look at our roster moves in the off season.

Tennessee Titans


•added Demarco Murray, so at the very least our run game would be a little below average, while last year we were the bottom of the bucket. It is also possible DeMarco returns to 2014 form and we have one of the best run games in the league either way we get better.

• Our Defense is completely healthy again with some new young talent such as Kevin Dodd, Austin Johnson, and Byard. We also improved at the Free Safety position adding veteran Rashad Johnson, this unit could be a top five unit this coming year.

• Receiving group is healthy again and seems to be stepping their game up, we also added a play maker to the group in Rishard Matthews.


•Our offensive line may have gotten better but there is still a gaping hole at LG and Byron Bell going down doesn’t help matters none.

Houston Texans


• Super stout Defense led by J.j Watt.

• New Quarterback

• Lots of new weapons.


• QB Brock Osweiller isn’t proven yet, and none of his weapons are proven either besides for Lamar Miller and DeAndre Hopkins.

How to Win

• On Defense Avery Williamson and Wesley Woodyard need to shut down Lamar Miller down. Brian Orakpo, Derrick Morgan, Jurrell Casey, and Kevin Dodd need to keep Brock Osweiller in a hurry to get rid of the ball. In the secondary DeAndre Hopkins needs to always be double teamed, Parrish Cox should be able to hold down a rookie WR and so should Searcy.

• On offense we have to keep Mariota safe. Even if that means leaving Delanie Walker back to block on a passing play, or having Mariota in the shotgun with Murray on one side and Henry on the other to block (could have some wild run plays in this formation as well considering all 3 can run). And Mariota needs to get the ball out quickly.

Indianapolis Colts


• Andrew Luck is healthy again.


• Offensive line needs better play.

• Defense needs better play.

• Frank Gore is aging and really has nobody to step and play behind him.

How to Win

• On defense we need to keep the pressure on Luck and the secondary needs to do its job and make plays.

• On offense we need to hold onto the football, establish the run game, control the clock, and capitalize on the defense’s mistakes.

Jacksonville Jaguars 


• Up and coming QB with a cannon of an arm.

• One of the best receiving tandems in Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns.

• Two good running backs who compliment each other.

• Defense has drastically improved on paper.

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• Shacky offensive line play.

• The defense is full of new players and will need time to mesh.

• The offense isn’t scared to make high risk, high reward plays that could turn into turn overs.

How to Win

• On defense we have to keep pressure on Blake Bortles, and he will make a few bad decisions. When he does the team needs to make a turn over. The secondary can’t get beat deep. We need to win 3rd and short and goal line situations.

• On offense we need to control the clock, make big plays when the opportunity arises, and don’t turn the football over. Keep Mariota up right and give him time to find the open man when he drops back to throw, we need to score early and often.