Tennessee Titans: Top 10 stories of 2015

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#8 Running woes continue

Remember when fans wanted running back Chris Johnson to run away and never come back?

Tennessee parted ways with Johnson prior to the start of the 2014 season, and since then, the Titans have done a horrendous job of replacing him.

Tennessee was the first team to draft a running back in 2014, selecting Bishop Sankey in the second round. They also brought in versatile Swiss Army knife running back Dexter McCluster via free agency.

The new look group underwhelmed and underachieved in 2014, dropping to 26th in the league in rushing after finishing 14th in 2013 (Johnson’s final season).

In 2015, Tennessee brought more guys in to help bolster the run game.

The Titans drafted fullback Jalston Folwer in the 4th round, and running back David Cobb in the fifth. They traded for Cleveland running back Terrance West prior to the start of the regular season, and gave unrestricted free agent rb Antonio Andrews a look as well.

All in addition to the 2014 cast.

The results? The Titans are currently 28th in the league in rushing, and on pace to decline in production for a second straight season.

The lack of a run game will take center stage yet again this upcoming offseason. It has to, because the run game (or lack thereof) is negatively affecting the passing game, as well as the defense.

With a new coaching regime on the horizon, one can only wonder who will be added this year.

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