Tennessee Titans: Top 10 stories of 2015

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#10 Tommy Smith resigns

On March 20, 2015, Titans President and CEO Tommy Smith announced that he is retiring from the position, effective immediately. Already the President and Chairman of Adams Resources and Energy, Inc., a billion dollar company, Smith decided that he could not meet the demands necessary to run both posts effectively.

In the interim, Tennessee brought back Steve Underwood to oversee the organization’s day to day operations while they searched for Smith’s predecessor.

Why is this important?

Because to date, the Titans have not found that predecessor, nor have they removed the interim tag from Underwood. That is something that will need to be sorted out before the rest of this year’s reclamation project (GM, head coach) can fall into place.

Also, let’s not forget that Smith’s first act of power was hiring Ken Whisenhunt to be the head coach, while retaining Ruston Webster as the general manager in 2014. The results were a disastrous 2-14 season, and Smith’s abrupt retirement will set off a chain of events to be discussed throughout this countdown.

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