Tennessee Titans: Top 10 stories of 2015

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#1 Losing 

For all of the hirings, all of the firings. All of the record setting performances, all of the unsung heroes. And for all of the magic that was Marcus Mariota…

The number one storyline for the Tennessee Titans in 2015 was losing.

Just like in 2014.

The names and circumstances changed, but the Titans still lost at an embarrassingly alarming rate in 2015. So much so that they are in prime position to have the number 1 pick in the 2016 draft.

Which means that they were the worst team in the league this season.

A losing culture of this magnitude means that more changes are on the horizon, starting as soon as Monday. The new regime will have a few pieces to build around (Mariota, Walker, Casey, Williamson, DGB) and plenty of salary cap money to add veterans via free agency.

One thing is for sure, the events that are about to unfold in the coming weeks will definitely make the Titans top ten stories for 2016.