Tennessee Titans Lose Final Home Game 34-6


Final. 6. 35. 34. 10

The bad news for the Tennessee Titans is they were soundly beaten at home 34-6 by the Houston Texas on Sunday afternoon at Nissan Stadium, the good news is that another dreadful season is mercifully almost over.

A season that started with so much promise after the acquisition of Marcus Mariota in the draft has quickly went to “hell in a hand basket” and is once again leaving fans looking forward to another miracle next year.

Unfortunately, there is one more week of preparation, and one more game remaining with nothing to play for before they can send most of these players home until spring with hopes that many of them will not return.

Interim head coach Mile Mularkey said during his post-game presser after the loss on Sunday that he wasn’t sure what went wrong, especially after such a good practice on Friday:

“I thought they were prepared and ready to play,’’ Mularkey said. “I mean we had a good week, a very good Friday. I liked what I saw in the locker room prior.

“… I’m disappointed. I really thought we were prepared. I thought we had a good plan, and felt good about it. I felt like, to be honest, it would be a really close game … to come down to the wire, not this time of game.”

Uuuhh….I have an idea what went wrong!

The frustration is starting to show up on the few good playmakers on this roster. Delanie Walker has played his best football over the past two seasons since Ken Whisenhunt took the reigns before the 2014 season, and sounds like he has lost hope:

“Losing, man, I’m just tired of losing,’’ tight end  Delanie Walker said afterward. “Yeah, I like some of the positive stuff I see in games, but we lost the game again. And there’s nothing you can take from an L.

“I can’t knock Houston, and I’m not going to. They came to play today and they were the better team. But we have to play better than this.”

Albert Einstein quoted years ago that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over the same way, and expecting a different outcome.

The Tennessee Titans franchise is the poster child for NFL insanity. They continue to sprinkle a few good players in with a bunch of players who should be on practice squads around the league and expect to be a contender.

Tennessee Titans players and fans will have to wait through another off-season to see what new toy will come for us to get excited about in the spring, but IMO, unless there are major changes in management, this team is doomed.

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When there are no play makers on a team, and there is $25 Million in salary cap space available, the problem is that management doesn’t want to spend the money to field a contender.

Unless there is a major change at the top that brings ownership that is involved, and wants to field a winning team, nothing will change.

Let the insanity continue!