Is Music City the next stop for Peyton Manning?


As Peyton Manning nears the end of his playing career with the Denver Broncos, could he be looking for a move to the Music City area?

What more could the Tennessee Titans do to gain recognition and respect around the National Football League than by adding the Peyton Manning name to the list of potential front office staff?

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Jason LaConfora at CBS Sports in a Sunday post, indicated that a couple of landing areas for the future Hall of Famer after he hangs up the cleats that would make the most sense were with the Cleveland Browns and the Tennessee Titans.

Manning has had a past relationship with Browns owner, Jimmy Haslam due to their obvious connections in Tennessee, and Haslam’s interest in putting an ownership group together a couple of years ago when he purchased the Browns.

Both teams are at 2-8 on the season and you can almost guarantee that either front office would clear space on the management team for Manning, who has always said that he doesn’t want to make any decisions like this until he is completely done with his playing days.

The Titans would be a great landing spot for Peyton Manning in some capacity. They have a temporary president in place who is waiting to retire and a general manager who is probably on the way out of Nashville along with interim head coach Mike Mularkey as soon as the season is over.

The Titans have a franchise quarterback with a defense that is taking shape and over $25 Million in cap space for a new president to work with. What more could anyone else offer that is better.

The big question that he would need to deal with is the dysfunctional ownership group..”the Adams Family”.

Does he lead an ownership group to buy out the family and bring in local ownership, or does he work with the Houston-based family?

I have felt all along that Peyton Manning’s tenure in the Mile-High City had a lot to do with winning another Super Bowl, but it also served as an opportunity to work with a Hall of Fame quarterback who was able to find his way in the team management arena.

There was speculation on SiriusXM Radio on this weeks “Moving the Chains” that he could remain in Denver to become part of that front office.

It’s pretty obvious that Peyton Manning’s playing career will not extend past the 2015 season. His body appears to be at its limit and the only question for the Denver Broncos is, is four-year backup Brock Osweiler ready to take the reigns on the field.

His first outing on Sunday against the Chicago Bears was positive, but he will need to continue to perform well and have patience as the team will be wanting to let Manning obtain some personal goals as the end of the season nears, if healthy enough to play.

It’s likely that Peyton will want to take some time to heal his body and catch some relaxing down time after the season before he is forced to make decisions on the rest of his life, but if he is going to get started in the management business, the schedule will get hot and heavy as soon as the regular season is over.

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With the Manning name attached to the Tennessee Titans in any capacity is the shot-in-the-arm this franchise needs if it wants to survive.

After a decade of being stuck in below average mediocrity, it’s time that something good happens to this franchise, and adding the Peyton Manning name to an already popular Marcus Mariota could be the one thing that puts the Tennessee Titans back on the map in Music City!