Tennessee Titans: Five Keys To Successful 2015

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Obviously, when you are a 2-14 team as the Tennessee Titans were in 2014, almost any improvement can be viewed as a success, but I feel like this team can get to at least 6-10 in 2015 and 8-8 is not out of the realm of possibility.

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The Titans have done well in free agency, bringing in veteran players that can fill key needs, and drafting a bunch of youngsters that have a real chance of making this team.

There were a lot of holes to fill, and I don’t think general manager Ruston Webster and head coach, Ken Whisenhunt are finished. There will be players who become available as teams make their cuts before the season starts.

The Titans still have a lot of room under the salary cap where they can pick up more pieces, it really boils down to the owners opening up their wallets when the time comes.

The other factor that will rear it’s head as we go forward, are injuries to key players. As the Houston Texans have found out already with the recent news that Arian Foster may miss the first half of the season, and could miss the entire season with a groin problem.

This is bad news for the Texans, who were counting on their strong defense and running game to carry the team.

So let’s get to the keys that should help the Tennessee Titans have a successful 2015 NFL season.

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