Tennessee Titans: Six must wins in the 2015 season

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The Tennessee Titans have had a busy off-season. But training camp opens at Saint Thomas Sports Park on Friday morning and it’s time to get down to the business of winning some football games. I don’t think the Titans will be heading to Santa Clara and Super Bowl L in January, but they desperately need to improve on the 2-14 season they had in 2014.

I’m sure that there are as many opinions out there as there are fans on what would define a successful season for the Titans in 2015, and I of course have mine.

Although I don’t think a .500 season is in the cards this year, but is possible and in my humble opinion, would make 2015 a great year, and would represent a sizable improvement over the disaster last year.

When trying to project what a season is going to look like, you have to start with the schedule and identify games that you should win, and games that are critical for a good season.

I have said in earlier posts that if the Titans could get to the break at 2-1 and have the ball bounce in the right direction, an 8-8 season is possible. I think 6-10 is more realistic, and I am going to point out the six games I think are must wins if they are to have any chance at a .500 season.

So let’s get started!

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