Tennessee Titans: Latest Rumor Has Eagles Talking To Tampa


If you wondered how bad Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly wants his franchise quarterback, now he’s talking to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers about their pick at one. Sounds far-fetched that Lovie Smith would pass on his franchise quarterback, but on NFL Draft night, anything can, and usually does happen.

Finding the Tennessee Titans too tough to deal with, Mike Florio at Pro Football Talk is reporting that Kelly has taken quarterback, Sam Bradford and is looking to deal him to the Bucs for a chance to draft Oregon star, and Heisman Trophy winner, Marcus Mariota.

"It’s unclear what the Eagles would offer, or what the Bucs would want.  The Buccaneers could take quarterback Sam Bradford as part of the process, exchanging the many off-field questions surrounding Winston with a significant on-field question regarding Bradford’s twice-torn ACL.For Tampa Bay, a chance to back out of the top spot could be enticing, especially if the offer gives them multiple pieces that would allow coach Lovie Smith and G.M. Jason Licht to more quickly build an entire team that fits their vision for the franchise’s offense and defense.  It also gives the powers-that-be a way to avoid rolling the dice on Winston, especially if the Eagles make an offer than legitimately can be characterized as something the Bucs couldn’t refuse."

I had written in an earlier post today “Best Cases For The Tennessee Titans” that I think Chip Kelly has one more block-buster deal up his sleeve before this night is over. And a deal that would put Marcus Mariota in Philadelphia for the start of the 2015 season.

Jim Wyatt from the Tennessean reported this afternoon that the St. Louis Rams had some interest in Mariota with the second pick, but felt that getting to number two would cost them too much.

Blaine Grisak from FanSided’s St Louis site ( Ramblin Fan) also reported an interest in former Titans head coach, Jeff Fisher maybe trading up for Marcus Mariota, but Rams General Manager Les Snead had run this scenario on the Redskins a couple of years back, and doesn’t want to be on the other end of the deal with the Tians.

"According to Wyatt the calls amounted to nothing serious and most likely the Rams doing their due diligence, but the point is, the calls were made which means the Rams could have at one point actually had some interest and know what the price would be to move up to the second overall pick.Most likely the price would be too high for the Rams. Just three years ago it was Les Snead who snubbed the Redskins out of three number one picks and a second round pick for Robert Griffin III. It is highly unlikely that Snead would fall for the trick himself."