Tennessee Titans Open To Trading No. 2 Overall Pick


The Tennessee Titans currently hold the No. 2 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft, leaving the question what are the Titans going to do with that pick. This scenario has become one of the most intriguing of the draft.

The Titans have options, plenty of them and nobody truly knows what Tennessee will do.

As the NFL regular season ended in January, many experts believed the Titans would end up with Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston.

That prediction quickly switched towards experts predicting Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota would end up in a Titans uniform after the College Football Playoffs, before ultimately switching again and predicting USC’s defensive lineman Leonard Williams would become the pick at no 2.

With Tennessee leaning towards drafting Marcus Mariota once again, many NFL teams are forced to make a decision. If they believe that Mariota can become a franchise NFL quarterback they will need to possibly trade up with Tennessee to make it happen.

The Titans are open to such trade negotiations, According to NFL.com reporter Bryan Fischer. The question remains however what is the asking price for that pick.

Ian Rapoport said on NFL Networks “Path To The Draft”

“This is a spot that could be a potential trade, especially if somebody wants to come up for Marcus Mariota, are the Titans interested? Talking to people familiar with their thinking, it would take a lot — a real lot — to move up to No. 2 and convince the Titans that it is worth giving up some potential franchise players.”

What would Tennessee exactly want in return for the No. 2 pick? The St. Louis Rams were in a similar situation back in the 2012 NFL Draft when they traded out of the 2nd spot in exchange for three first-round draft picks and a second-round draft pick from the Washington Redskins, who would eventually draft Robert Griffin III with that pick.

Although the Titans may not receive as much in return as the St. Louis Rams, they will definitely be looking for a pretty nice penny if they were to move the No. 2 pick.

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