Will Lomas 2015 NFL Mock Draft

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Kevin White

Wide Receiver, West Virginia

Minnesota Vikings
White is a very haralded prospect and rightfully so. However, this draft is full of trench players that will demand attention early which is all the better for Minnesota Vikings fans.

Devante Parker

Wide Receiver, Louisville

Cleveland Browns
The Browns sort of scream panic mode to me and this is a move that makes sense, but does fit that mold. With receivers going in back to back picks, the Browns can’t afford to let a player like Devante Parker be gone by their next pick with such a hole at the position and a clear drop off in talent.

Stephone Anthony

Linebacker, Clemson

New Orleans Saints
I am one of a few that really like Stephone Anthony. Of all the linebackers in this draft, none of them scream first round playmaker like his, and that is what this defense needs.

Marcus Peters

Cornerback, Washington

Miami Dolphins
The Miami Dolphins have upgraded their roster, but they need more help in the secondary. This pick ultimately comes down to Marcus Peters or Landon Collins, and the Marcus Peters plays the more valuable position.

Sammie Coates

Wide Receiver, Auburn

San Francisco 49ers
Sammie Coates is an enigmatic player that could be the perfect fit for the San Francisco 49ers offense. While the San Francisco 49ers have plenty of mid-range targets, but what they need is a deep threat player that can make splash plays.

Landon Collins

Safety, Alabama

Houston Texans
The Houston Texans have one of the worst secondaries in the NFL, and whether that means grabbing a safety or a cornerback they have to take someone to fix that issue here.

T.J. Clemmings

Offensive Tackle, Pittsburgh

Los Angeles Chargers
D.J. Fluker is a great run blocker, but it sounds like they are going to move him inside to guard. With T.J. Clemmings and D.J. Fluker on the right side, no defensive line in the league would stand a chance of stopping the run consistently.

Jaelen Strong

Wide Receiver, Arizona State

Kansas City Chiefs
The Chiefs grabbed Jeremy Maclin in free agency, but now they need another wide receiver to pair with him.

Devin Funchess

Wide Receiver, Michigan

Cleveland Browns
The Browns need a new tight end to replace Cameron Jordan who they thought would be a long-term playmaker for them. With Devin Funchess and Devante Parker their offensive skill position finally looks like an above average team.

Eric Rowe

Cornerback, Utah

Philadelphia Eagles
The Philadelphia Eagles need help in the defenisve backfield, and Chip Kelly loves to add PAC-12 players to his roster. With Marcus Peters off the board, Rowe is one of the best playmakers left.
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