Will Lomas 2015 NFL Mock Draft

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The Tennessee Titans have a potentially franchise changing moment ahead of them in the near future. With a question mark at quarterback and a need for an identity on defense, it looks like the draft will go one of two ways.

So which way do I think they are leaning with just three weeks until the NFL Draft? Find out in my 2015 NFL Mock Draft.


Jameis Winston

Quarterback, Florida State

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Jameis Winston is all but a given with the number one pick at this point. While he has all the talent on the field to be succesful, he is hardly a slam dunk. If teams force him to throw short passes against zone coverage, the media love for Jameis Winston could change quickly.

Marcus Mariota

Quarterback, Oregon

Tennessee Titans
Don’t over think this. Sure Leonard Williams is a defensive prodigy, but Dick LeBeau has done a lot more with a lot less in his career, he doesn’t need a great prospect at every position to make his defense successful. Marcus Mariota has a chance to be the best QB in this draft and if Ken Whisenhunt can’t maximize his potential then maybe the Tennessee Titans will look to Gus Malzahn or another college coach in 2016.

Vic Beasley

Linebacker, Clemson

Jacksonville Jaguars
Another pick that makes too much sense not to happen. Vic Beasley is the perfect fit for a LEO and this team needs to find something to keep the fans distracted from the pick-six machine that has been Blake Bortles.

Leonard Williams

Defensive Tackle, Southern California

Las Vegas Raiders
The USC product takes a bit of a tumble here after teams realizing that maybe a interior run-stuffer with athletic upside isn’t worth a top-three pick. The Oakland Raiders get much better on the defensive front, and finally get a player that actually wants to be there.

La'el Collins

Offensive Tackle, LSU

Again, the key to this mock draft is teams not overthinking their picks. The Washington Redskins can’t afford to be cute here, they need to grab someone that will make a big impact and not only can Collins keep RG3 and company upright, he give the running game a big boost too.

Dante Fowler Jr.

Linebacker, Florida

New York Jets
The New York Jets are one very good pass rusher away from becoming one of the league’s best defenses. Todd Bowles is a smart coach and he will make this team very good once he gets the right pieces.

Danny Shelton

Defensive Tackle, Washington

Chicago Bears
I love this potential team up. Not only do the Chicago Bears really need to add some bulk up front to help stop the run and Danny Shelton gives them a player that I think can become the next great interior defender.

Shane Ray

Defensive End, Missouri

Atlanta Falcons
Shane Ray isn’t the most athletic player, but he lives up to the old cliché of having a great motor to compensate for that. Ray is a relentless rusher that offensive linemen will have to block whistle to whistle, and that player always comes up with seven or more sacks throughout the year. Ray can become much more than that, but having a steady tone-setter on the defense is very valueable (which is what I think Ray will be early.

Brandon Scherff

Offensive Tackle, Iowa

New York Giants
The New York Giants are poised to become a very good offense once Odell Beckham and Victor Cruz are on the field at the same time. Adding Brandon Scherff to the offensive line will only make them that much more dangerous.

Amari Cooper

Wide Receiver, Alabama

Los Angeles Rams
The St. Louis Rams need more intermediate targets that can take passes from a nine-yard gain to a 80-yard touchdowns. While they have one player that can do that in Tavon Austin, adding a player like Amari Cooper can make this offense capable of the big play potential that the defense has.
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