Tennessee Titans Will Only Face Ndamukong Suh Once In 2015


There had been speculation ever since it became clear that Ndamukong Suh would become a free agent when it opens next week, that for tax purposes, the massive Detroit Lion’s Defensive Tackle might end up on a Florida, or Texas team.

Since the Jacksonville Jaguars have the largest salary cap space, it was a concern for teams in the AFC South that they may have to face both Suh and the Houston Texan’s J.J. Watt twice a year, but by signing with the Miami Dolphins, the Tennessee Titans will only need to game-pan for him once in 2015.

Although the 2015 schedule is not out at this point, the opponents list is, and we know that the Titans will be playing teams from the AFC East. Tennessee fans will get up-close and personal with what will be one of the NFL’s richest players when he, and the Miami Dolphins come to town.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen advised everyone via Twitter that Ndamukong Suh would be signing a huge contract with the Phins on Tuesday, barring any breakdown in contract negotiations between now, and Tuesday afternoon.

Mortensen gave the details via a post on ESPN, that the contract would be a six-year deal worth $114 Million, with $60 Million guaranteed.

He also reported that even though the Detroit Lions were attempting to stay in the game, the deal with the Miami Dolphins was by far, the best deal on the table, and far exceeded any talks by clubs interested in the Defensive Tackle.

The proposed signing with the Miami Dolphins was a surprise to almost everyone because Suh had expresses interest in a big-market area like New York, or Los Angles, but had said he would consider a contender like Seattle.

Ndamukong will be a heavy financial burden on the Dolphins, but South Beach needed another super-star since LeBron James left town to go back to his roots in Cleveland.

Mortensen said in his post that the Dolphin organization had always been confident they could land the massive defensive tackle.

"The Miami Herald had characterized the Dolphins as “confident” they would sign Suh, primarily because owner Stephen Ross was determined to land the big prize of the 2015 free-agency class.Several other media outlets, including ESPN, had identified the Dolphins as the favorite to sign Suh.The Lions decided against using the franchise tag on Suh, as doing so would have cost the team close to $26.9 million to tie him up for the 2015 season."

Houston Texan Defensive Tackle, J.J. Watt got paid last year, when the team decided to lock up arguably, the best tackle in the NFL with a deal that set the bar for top-notched defensive players around the NFL.

Watt’s deal, last year was six years, $100 million, with $51.8 million guaranteed.

So rest easy Titans fans. He didn’t end up in Indianapolis, or Jacksonville, so maybe we will face him only once in 2015, and be clear of him for a couple of years, unless both teams make the playoffs.

Suh should bring instant credibility to a team that needed a pass-rush while facing Tom Brady twice a year. He has the potential to provide enough help that should push the Miami Dolphins over the hump, and into the playoffs…soon!

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