How Andre Johnson Could Impact The Tennessee Titans


It’s unlikely that 33 year-old Houston Texan Wide Receiver, Andre Johnson would want to finish up his career in Nashville, but with the Indianapolis Colts being on his short list of possible landing places, he could continue to terrorize the Tennessee Titans defensive backfield twice a year with Andrew Luck throwing the football.

Johnson became disgruntled because his role in Houston was said to be on the decline, and asked to be released so he could find a spot where he might be able to challenge for a Super Bowl ring before he decides to retire.

A trade would have been almost impossible, as reported by ESPN Houston Texan reporter, Tania Ganguli, because he is set to be paid $11.5 million in 2015, and $12 million in 2016. He was also going to be owed a $1 million roster bonus in both years.

He was given permission by the Texans on Monday to seek a trade.

"Currently, Johnson counts for about $16.1 million against the 2015 salary cap. The Texans would save $8.825 million in salary-cap space if they released Johnson before June 1."

ESPN analyst, and former Tampa Buccaneer General Manager, Mark Dominick thinks Johnson will have to consider less money on the open market, and will probably command somewhere between $6 and $8 million.

The Titans really need a speed burner on the outside to stretch defenses, but at his age, Johnson could be a possession receiver in Tennessee. After a recent past of dealing with questionable quarterbacks, it’s unlikely he would want to get involved with the type of rebuilding process that will be taking place in Nashville.

Especially with the Titans saying they are set at quarterback but the job still being somewhat up in the air.

The Texans are better equipped to make a playoff run in 2015, but there are big questions surrounding their signal caller as well.

The Indianapolis Colts are a good running back away from making a serious run at a Super Bowl berth.

With Hakeem Nicks failing to provide a compliment to T.Y. Hilton in 2014, and the age factor starting to creep up on Reggie Wayne, Johnson could be a nice piece to the puzzle, unless as Tania Ganguli points out in her post, it might slow the developement of second year receiver, Donte Moncrief.

Other possibilities include the 2014 Super Bowl champion, New England Patriots, and their contenders, the Seattle Seahawks.

Of course, the Denver Broncos, San Diego Chargers, and the Kansas City Chiefs could turn out to be suitors for Andre Johnson.

The Patriots would be ideal, but would need to clear some cap space to get this deal done. Denver has cap problems as well, but with Payton Manning taking a $4 million cut in salary yesterday, they will have some cash to spend for another receiver, especially if they lose Tight End, Julius Thomas.

The two things NFL stars can’t escape, are age, and the salary cap. They are the only two things that could break up a well-thrown Joe Montana to Jerry Rice pass. Now it’s Andre Johnson’s turn.

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