Why Tennessee Titans Should Take A Look At Josh McCown


There isn’t much information coming out of Tennessee Titans headquarters about their Quarterback situation, other than they intend to continue the Zach Mettenberger experiment for at least another year. I like that decision, and feel that after drafting the six-foot, 224 pound Quarterback in the sixth round last year, they need to continue letting him develop.

If the Titans decide not to re-sign Jake Locker after free agency, then Head coach, Ken Whisenhunt will need a backup sitting on the bench who can be ready to go if his 23 year-old Quarterback out of LSU gets hurt again.

He works so well with the starters, that even Cutler was upset when Josh McCown was traded

Thirty-five year-old Josh McCown was released by the Tampa Bay Bucaneers after a 2014 season that equalled that of the Titans, and could be a nice piece to the Quarterback puzzle in Music City.

McCown was drafted back in 2002 by the Arizona Cardinals, and could be a positive influence in a orginization like the Titans, where a losing attitude has become part of the culture, and offer some mentoring for Zach Mettenberger going forward.

Other than 2004 when he started 14 games for the Cardinals, McCown has been a career backup during the lion’s share of his career. He started 11 games in 2003 for Arizona, and 11 starts last year in Tampa Bay where things just didn’t work out with new head coach, Lovie Smith.

As an older fan, McCown reminds me of Steve DeBerg, who was with the San Francisco 49er when they drafted Joe Montana in 1979. At almost every stop he was replaced by a big name, and needed to learn a new system when traded to another team.

His most productive season was 2013, when he played for the Chicago Bears. He became expendable once again, when the Bears traded for Jay Cutler. Many fans in the Chicago area were disappointed when he was again traded, this time to the Tampa Bay Bucaneers.

He works so well with the starters, that even Cutler was upset when Josh McCown was traded.

The Titans will go into the free agency with plenty of cap space, and should have a good time shopping when Free Agency gets underway next month. General Manager, Ruston Webster has done his job, and gotten the Titans out of cap trouble, and should have over 40 million dollars to play with when the free agency period starts.

Josh McCown visited with the Buffalo Bills on Monday, and left without a contract. The Bills, and new Head Coach, Rex Ryan are leaning toward giving their young quarterback out of Florida State, E.J. Manuel, another look.

There has also been word on the street that Ryan may be looking for a reunion with Mark Sanchez, who will be available through free agency as well.

McCown has been the victim of multiple stops around the NFL, and a multitude of Offensive Coordinators with different game plans, each with their own style of offense.

A career backup with a good attitude like Josh McCown could be a nice acquisition for a team like the Tennessee Titans, who need some positive things to happen in 2015. And he won’t break the bank.

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