2015 NFL Draft: Does Danny Shelton Make Sense At Number Two?


One thing we know for sure, is when the Tennessee Titans hired Dick Lebeau earlier this month, General Manager Ruston Webster, and Head Coach, Ken Whisenhunt had their eyes on fixing a defense that could not get off the field in 2014. Everything starts on the Defensive line, and that is where they need to start.

ESPN Draft Analyst, Mel Kiper Jr. has projected the Titans will pick University of Southern California defensive lineman, Leonard Williams with the second pick, but I’m not sure Danny Shelton, the DT from the University of Washington might not be a better pick.

Kiper has the 6’1″ Defensive Tackle going at number seven to the Chicago Bears.

The Titans’ coaching staff got a great look at Shelton at this year’s Senior Bowl as he was a member of Ken Whisenhunt’s North Team.

No one is sure at this point if the Titan “Brain Trust” will pass on the chance to get Marcus Mariota with the second pick, or effect a trade that would bring a much-needed Quarterback, and a possibility of more picks, but if they don’t, the Titans have to use this pick for a defensive player.

In fact, they need to hit a home-run with this pick. Whoever they draft here, needs to be a player that will be a first year starter, make a huge difference, and have a shelf-life of at least a decade.

Yeah, I know the Titans need to also build an offensive line that can protect whom ever will be calling the signals from under center, but we all know that building an offensive line takes time, and some of that can be done through Free Agency.

With approximately $44 Million Dollars in Salary Cap room, the Titans can buy some pieces that can help. With any semblance of a running game, and a little help on the O-Line, the Titans should get to 8-8 in the 2015 season, and that, after a dismal 2014, would be a successful year.

That can only happen if they use this draft to begin building a defense that can force some three-and-outs, and force the opposition to kick field goals instead of scoring touchdowns.

Danny Shelton:

This kid can play in a 3-4 or 4-3 scheme, loves to play the run, and has a pass rushing game. He’s a 341 pound version of a young Vince Wilfork who you can insert him in the lineup on day one, and forget about him for a decade.

Matt Miller, the lead NFL Draft writer at Bleacher Report had this to say about Danny Shelton:

"“I love Danny Shelton. It’s funny because he is being talked about a lot and I’ve really enjoyed breaking down his game tape. He never leaves the field. He’s 340-plus pounds, he’s athletic and he’s fast. He’s got great natural leverage because he’s only 6-foot-1 or 6-foot-2. He is an unmovable force in the middle of the line.“I don’t think he’ll be a top-tier sack guy. He’ll be a lot better plugging holes and stopping the run. He may get some sacks by flushing the pocket, but I don’t think that’s his game.”"

Some scouts, and writers have called Danny Shelton a human Coke Machine. Because he’s short, and very wide, he can be the immovable object on anyone’s defensive line. He had 88 tackles and nine sacks in his last year at the University of Washington.

If you watched the video, how could you not come away wanting this kid in a Titans uniform?

Not only does this human coke machine come with the physical attributes that would envy Superman, his academia statistics might even impress Sheldon Cooper at the Big Bang Theory.

Titansonline.com had this to say about Shelton:

"Shelton became the first Husky to be named first team Academic All-American since 1991 and was the only All-American in the nation to also be named Academic All-American.Most experts have Shelton ranked as the second best interior lineman behind Leonard Williams of USC."

I came away impressed with the body-of-work here, and would have trouble not pulling the trigger on draft day with the second pick. He’s sure not to be there when the Titans make their second pick at thirty-three!